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Saturday, April 21, 2007

A study in Contradiction

Many times in my life, I've wondered, as so many do, why? But never more than I did when my son was diagnosed with Autism. I didn't even really know the definition of this HUGE word. I most certainly had no idea what was to become of my life, or the life of my family. But there it was, this word. I soon discovered that never did a word more define a life than this one.

Today is Ryan's fourth birthday. This is the reason that I decided to start sharing our life with others. Not because it's his birthday, but because I realized that today we have been living with Autism for two years. We have made it this far -- I didn't know how we would when I first heard that awful word, but we have none the less. Our life has become a study in contradiction. White is black, green is yellow, and so on. Nothing in the world of Autism is what it seems. It's like living in a wondrous work of fiction, where the writer is making all of the rules, and just when you think you have the plot nailed, BOOM. I don't think so, says the author.

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